University Center

About SENAI CIMATEC University Center

The community at SENAI CIMATEC is driven by the purpose of catalyzing world transformation through education, science, technology, and innovation. Here, we are motivated by enthusiasm to create solutions for the challenges facing industry, society, and the planet. We take pride in being part of one of the country’s largest technology and innovation centers, SENAI CIMATEC, which ensures that students are connected to the market and real projects right from the beginning of their academic journey.

SENAI CIMATEC University Center offers 8 undergraduate courses in Engineering and Architecture and Urbanism, where we aim to stimulate the creativity, curiosity, and passion for innovation in our students. To achieve this, we have an innovative pedagogical model of Academic Paths that allows students to experiment and tailor their learning journey according to their professional identity: Researcher, Manager, or Entrepreneur.

Our Postgraduate programs, both Lato Sensu and Stricto Sensu, offer exceptional opportunities to enhance knowledge and explore new research frontiers.

While deeply rooted in our local culture, we are connected to Brazil and the world, enabling our students and researchers to benefit from diverse perspectives and international collaboration.

Here, we challenge the status quo, strive for excellence, and dedicate ourselves to addressing complex societal challenges. We believe that through the power of education and innovation, we can make a difference and contribute to a better future for all.