August 3, 2021

International Cooperation

International cooperation is the foundation for the development of disruptive technologies in the present and the future. That’s why SENAI CIMATEC has consistently sought to expand its activities abroad and establish strategic partnerships with leading institutions in their respective fields on a global scale.

In addition to the activities traditionally carried out since its foundation, such as training programs, exchange programs for undergraduate and postgraduate students, consulting services, and online education services (e-learning), CIMATEC has been actively pursuing international engagements in the fields of technical and technological international cooperation. This includes corporate diplomacy with foreign diplomatic representations in Brazil and engagement with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Brazil. Furthermore, SENAI CIMATEC has hosted and participated in international conferences, seminars, and workshops, facilitating the exchange of knowledge and the discussion of relevant topics in the industrial and technological sectors. These events contribute to the institution’s international profile and the dissemination of knowledge generated at SENAI CIMATEC.

Through the establishment of strategic partnerships, mobility programs, research cooperation, and participation in international events and networks, the institution has positioned itself as a global reference in the field of professional and technological education. This international cooperation involves renowned institutions from Latin America, North America, Western and Eastern Europe, Asia, and Africa, as well as an active network of universities and research institutes in Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands, Sweden, the United States, Uruguay, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Angola, Tanzania, Mozambique, China, and the United Arab Emirates.