SENAI CIMATEC is one of the most advanced technology, research, education and innovation centers in Brazil, specialized in developing advanced solutions for Brazilian industry. Headquartered in Salvador, the SENAI CIMATEC ecosystem is made up of a Technological Center, a University Center and a Professional Education Center, which operate in an integrated and synergistic way.

The institution operates in 44 areas of competence and is made up of a professional team of over 900 people. The areas of competence include Robotics and Automation, Energy and Sustainability, Health, Food, Software and Supercomputing.

The SENAI CIMATEC University Center is one of the best teaching institutions in Engineering, Architecture and Urban Planning in the country, with recognition from MEC/INEP and CAPES, and has a wide range of Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses.

At undergraduate level, courses are offered in various areas of Engineering, such as mechanics, chemistry, electrical, computing, civil, production, as well as Architecture and Urban Planning. Undergraduate courses offer students a pioneering and innovative methodology, through academic tracks that allow students to experience three career paths during their course: Technical Manager, Researcher and Entrepreneur. The institution also offers Lato Sensu Postgraduate courses (specializations, MBAs and MBI) and three Stricto Sensu Postgraduate programs, with Master’s and Doctorate courses.
One of the main differences of the SENAI CIMATEC University Center is that students are immersed in an academic environment of innovation, as they share the same campus as the Technological Center, one of the most advanced in Brazil, which carries out scientific and innovation projects of national and international reference. .

It is, therefore, about training high-level personnel and supporting innovation and solving complex industry problems, with the possibility of practical experience in Research, Development and Innovation projects. Furthermore, students are prepared to work without borders, with the opportunity to undertake academic exchanges at internationally renowned universities and research centers, such as: RWTH Aachen and TU Berlin, in Germany; Polytech Annecy-Chambéry (Université Savoie Mont Blanc), Polytech Lyon (Université de Lyon), Polytech Montpellier (Université de Montpellier), Polytech Orleans (Université d’Orléans), Polytech Nancy (Université d’Lorraine), in France; Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya in Spain; Coventry University, in the United Kingdom; ÉTS – École in Canada; Universidad de la Republica Uruguay – UdelaR, in Uruguay; Pontifical Catholic University of Chile – PUC Chile, University of Chile, Chile; University of Aveiro, University of Coimbra, in Portugal. All this with the support of the International Cooperation Center (NCI).

Thinking about the professional insertion of students and former students in the job market, the Professional Career Center (NCP) actively works with companies to guarantee the effectiveness of internships and the employability of graduates.

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Campus: Av. Orlando Gomes, 1845, Piatã, Salvador-BA - CEP 41650-010