Facilitated payment

Thinking about you and making your dreams come true, SENAI CIMATEC entered into a partnership with FUNDACRED and, since 2019, has been offering Undergraduate, Postgraduate Lato Sensu and Stricto Sensu students the option of paying higher education fees in installments via CREDIES CIMATEC . Find out the conditions below.

By joining CREDIES CIMATEC, you can pay in installments for the academic period by paying only 50% of the monthly fees during the course and the remaining 50% upon completion of your studies, after the end of your relationship with our institution. And best of all, no interest is charged and the administration fees are the lowest on the market. If you have outstanding monthly payments with SENAI CIMATEC, you can also pay these debts in installments.

See other hiring conditions:

• Contracting of credit through the formalization of one or two guarantors, at the student’s discretion;
• Fill out the Disability Declaration: Click here
• Be in regular financial position with SENAI CIMATEC
• Not be a beneficiary of any other program, advantage or benefit offered by SENAI CIMATEC, public authorities or private entities.

Did you like it? Access the Fundacred Portal page and carry out a simulation. Hiring is also entirely online.

For more information, contact the Financial Sector via email: financienaicimatec@fieb.org.br

• CREDIES CIMATEC installment plan – Undergraduat

• CREDIES CIMATEC installment plan – Lato Sensu Postgraduate

• CREDIES CIMATEC installment payment – EAD Undergraduate




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