MBA Executive in Health Management and Technologies

On-site (SENAI CIMATEC) or Online (Live)
1 year
Monthly Pay 2024:
R$ 990,00
On-site (SENAI CIMATEC) or Online (Live)
1 year
Monthly Pay 2024:
R$ 990,00

The course

Society is increasingly connected, which results in an online universe that is constantly producing data. With so much information available, companies and institutions are aware of the need to analyze and extract useful content to assist in decision making.

Data Science makes use of advanced techniques for manipulating large volumes of data, whether structured or not. These techniques aim to extract knowledge from databases. To carry out this task, Data Science combines the use of statistics, big data and artificial intelligence.

Companies specializing in careers already consider the profession of Data Scientist as a reality and that organizations that wish to stand out in relation to their competitors must have this professional profile in their staff.

In this context, the Specialization in Data Science & Analytics project offers the market professionals who understand and implement complex data analysis systems with a high volume of data in their work environment, using analytical techniques and implementing Big Data and Artificial Intelligence solutions. .


The SENAI CIMATEC University Center has a differentiated structure, which involves, in addition to advanced technology, equipment and laboratories focused on innovation with teams of highly qualified professionals and teachers. Everything planned and developed to promote learning that combines theory with practice:

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The SENAI CIMATEC University Center reserves the right to:

Cancel the course if the minimum number of enrolled students is not reached. Students will be able to take some subjects with Masters classes offered by Centro Universitário SENAI CIMATEC.

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Next Classes

Tue, April 16th, 2024

Workload: 360h

Start of classes: April 16th, 2024

1x na semana: 1x na semana: 19h às 22h | Encontros Semanais


Course Schedule

  • MindSetpara Inovação 30h
  • Fundamentos de Ciência de Dados e Inteligência Artificial 30h
  • Programação para Data Science 30h
  • Estatística para Data Science 30h
  • Banco de Dados 30h
  • Fundamentos de Big Data, HPC, Cloud e Blockchain 30h
  • Análise e Visualização de Dados 30h
  • Machine Learning 30h
  • Tópicos Avançados em Inteligência Artificial 30h
  • CIMATEC Experience: Experiências de Aprendizagem 90h

Patrícia Tourinho

Graduated in COMPUTER SCIENCE from the Federal University of Bahia (1995). He completed a specialization course in Distributed Systems and Web at Faculdade Rui Barbosa (2001/2002). Specialist title from Faculdade Rui Barbosa (2009/2011) in IT Quality and Governance. PMP certified since 2008. Has worked in the job market as a systems analyst since 1994 and in project management since 2007. Has taught at high school (chemistry), higher education (computer science), postgraduate studies (Project Management ). ) and in instructional courses in the State of Bahia and at the DayHORC Corporate School.

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