Specialization Robotics and Autonomous Systems

On-site (SENAI CIMATEC) or Online (Live)
1 year
Monthly Pay 2024:
R$ 1.090,00
On-site (SENAI CIMATEC) or Online (Live)
1 year
Monthly Pay 2024:
R$ 1.090,00

The course

Robotics is growing rapidly with the advent of Big Data and IoT. Machines are capable of processing large amounts of data and learning with as little human interaction as possible. Robotics projects and applications can be found in countless industries, from automotive production to military drone operations and the landing and exploration of Mars, as well as the first helicopter flight outside Earth in 2021.

In practice, in September 2020, the International Federation of Robotics (IFR) announced a record number of industrial robots operating in factories around the world, estimated at 2.7 million. Also according to the IFR, Brazil has the largest operational stock in South America, with 15.3 thousand.

The specialization in Robotics and Autonomous Systems trains specialists in compliance with the profile required by Industry 4.0 and prepared to face the challenges of the automotive, oil and gas, aerospace and energy sectors, with the ability to design and implement autonomous robotic systems, as well as the skills interdisciplinary skills essential for working on complex projects.



The SENAI CIMATEC University Center has a differentiated structure, which involves, in addition to advanced technology, equipment and laboratories focused on innovation with teams of highly qualified professionals and teachers. Everything planned and developed to promote learning that combines theory with practice: http://www.sejacimatec.com.br/tourvirtual/index.html



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The SENAI CIMATEC University Center reserves the right to:

Cancel the course if the minimum number of enrolled students is not reached. Students will be able to study some subjects with Masters classes offered by Centro Universitário SENAI CIMATEC.

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Next Classes

Thu, September 19th, 2024

Workload: 360h

Start of classes: September 19th, 2024

Monday to Friday: 9am to 10pm, Saturdays – 9am to 1pm (Fortnightly)


Course Schedule

  • Integrated Manufacturing System – 36h
  • Elementos de Automação – 36h
  • Industrial Instrumentation – 24h
  • Industrial Networks – 36h
  • Industrial IT – 24h
  • Cybersecurity in Industrial Networks – 24h
  • Robotics – 36h
  • Artificial Intelligence – 36h
  • Microprocessed Automation Systems – 36h
  • Modeling and Simulation – 24h
  • Control Systems – 24h
  • Discrete Event Systems – 24h

Fernanda de Souza Barboza

MBA in Project Management (SENAI CIMATEC); Petroleum Engineering (Estacio); Pedagogy (UNEB). He has more than 14 years of experience in education, working in teaching and coordination, in face-to-face and distance learning courses. Experience in preparing and reviewing teaching material for online courses. He has experience in coordinating educational service contracts in large corporations. She is currently coordinator of Lato Sensu Postgraduate courses at the SENAI CIMATEC University Center.

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