Architecture and Urbanism

5 years
Monthly Pay 2024:
R$ 2.608,02
5 years
Monthly Pay 2024:
R$ 2.608,02

The course

The SENAI CIMATEC Architecture and Urban Planning course offers comprehensive and innovative training to boost students’ careers in a constantly evolving area. Here, the student has access to a stimulating academic environment, focused on developing the skills necessary for professional practice.

During their degree, students learn to create architectural and urban projects from the first semester, coordinate works of different scales and master advanced graphic representation methods.

One of the main characteristics of the course at SENAI CIMATEC is the connection with Industry 4.0 and emerging technologies in the Civil Construction sector. The student explores topics such as the Internet of Things, Augmented Reality and BIM (Construction Information Modeling), which have become fundamental in contemporary projects.

The teachers are highly qualified and experienced, providing excellent teaching, aligned with the demands of the current market. Here, the student will be immersed in real projects, being able to apply the knowledge acquired in a practical and enriching way.

At SENAI CIMATEC, training goes beyond the traditional, covering topics such as sustainability and energy efficiency, preparing future professionals to face contemporary challenges in the areas of Architecture and Urbanism.

The Architecture and Urban Planning course at SENAI CIMATEC prepares the student for a future full of opportunities and professional success.



The SENAI CIMATEC University Center has a differentiated structure, which involves, in addition to advanced technology, equipment and laboratories focused on innovation with teams of highly qualified professionals and teachers. Everything planned and developed to promote learning that combines theory with practice:


  • Innovative Environment: Stimulates creativity and essential skills.;

  • Complete Training: Covers all aspects of architecture and urbanism;

  • Connection with Industry 4.0: Cutting-edge technologies for the current market.;

  • Qualified Teachers: Teaching excellence and aligned with the market;

  • Practical Application: Real projects for practical experience;

  • Sustainability: Emphasis on environmental issues;

  • Strategic Partnerships: Valuable contacts in the market;

  • BIM projects: Innovative project management;

  • Promising Perspectives: Solid career and expanding market;

  • Headquarters of the AIAS (American Institute of Architecture Students) Chapter;

  • BIM laboratories, Environmental Comfort, Maker, Electrical installations, Testing on Construction Materials;


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Profa. Larissa Scarano

Graduated in Architecture and Urbanism from the Federal University of Paraíba (2012), holds a master's degree (2014) and doctorate (2021) from the Postgraduate Program in Architecture and Urbanism, at UFBA.
With a solid academic trajectory, she is part of the Hospital Architecture and Engineering Study Group (GEA-Hosp - UFBA), is a researcher at the Accessibility Laboratory - LACESSE (UFPB) and collaborator in the Environmental Comfort and Energy Efficiency in the Built Environment Research Group ( UFS).
Currently, she is the coordinator of the Architecture and Urbanism course at the SENAI CIMATEC University Center, with dedication to research, which is reflected in the continuous search for knowledge and innovative practices to improve the area of ​​activity.