MBA in Business Sustainability and ESG

On-site (SENAI CIMATEC) or Online (Live)
1 year
Monthly Pay 2024:
R$ 890,00
On-site (SENAI CIMATEC) or Online (Live)
1 year
Monthly Pay 2024:
R$ 890,00

The course

The new global challenges are demanding structural changes from everyone, including the business sector, with a view to sustainable development, and this has directly impacted the companies’ management model as the financial market and consumers have been demanding new practices, including ESG criteria. In this way, the MBA aims to train professionals to contribute to this process, ensuring the sustainability of companies in the long term.


Training professionals to work in Business Management aligned with the challenges of Sustainable Development, which requires leadership based on values ​​considering all interested parties and strengthening the Economic, Social, Environmental and Corporate Governance pillars.


Professionals from different areas who work or wish to work in the area of ​​corporate sustainability and ESG, such as administrators, engineers, communicators, psychologists, among others.


The SENAI CIMATEC University Center has a differentiated structure, which involves, in addition to advanced technology, equipment and laboratories focused on innovation with teams of highly qualified professionals and teachers. Everything planned and developed to promote learning that combines theory with practice:


See chapter V of the Academic Regulations SENAI CIMATEC University Center

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Next Classes

Thu, April 18th, 2024

Workload: 360h

Start of classes: April 18th, 2024

Thursday and Friday: Sábados. Quintas e sextas quinzenalmente: Sábado - 9h às 13h


Course Schedule

  • Mindset for Innovation
  • Meio Ambiente e o Século XXI
  • Circular, Low Carbon and Regenerative Economy
  • Ethics and Business Sustainability
  • Governance, Strategic Planning and ESG
  • Corporate Environmental Management 
  • Human Rights and Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Corporate Risk Management and Compliance
  • Brand Management and Corporate Sustainability
  • CIMATEC Experience: Learning Experiences

Fernanda de Souza Barboza

MBA in Project Management (SENAI CIMATEC); Petroleum Engineering (Estacio); Pedagogy (UNEB). He has more than 14 years of experience in education, working in teaching and coordination, in face-to-face and distance learning courses. Experience in preparing and reviewing teaching material for online courses. He has experience in coordinating educational service contracts in large corporations. She is currently coordinator of Lato Sensu Postgraduate courses at the SENAI CIMATEC University Center.

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