Organizational Structure

Central Institutional Assessment Committee (CCAI) The Central Institutional Assessment Commission (CCAI) was created to comply with federal legislation No. 10,861, which established the National Higher Education Assessment System (SINAES).

SINAES evaluates higher education institutions and academic performance through three processes: the Assessment of Higher Education Institutions (AVALIES), the Assessment of Undergraduate Courses (ACG) and the Assessment of Student Performance (ENADE).

The Commission represents our commitment to maintaining academic excellence and innovation, established with an alliance between the teaching staff, students, technical-administrative employees and civil society that ensures the performance of our institution in teaching evaluation systems.

CCAI Members

Categories Member Substitute
Commission Coordinator Sabrina Oliveira Caribé As established in the Regulation
Pro-Rector of Undergraduate Studies Rafael Bezerra Guilherme Oliveira de Souza
Postgraduate Course Coordinators Ana Luiza Magalhaes No substitute
Administrative Technical Body Janaina Silva Souza Encarnação Tatiana Miguez Costa
Administrative Technical Body Paulo Almeida Mendes Marcelle Rose da silva Minho
Teachers of Undergraduate Courses Sayonara Nobre de Brito Lordelo Marinilda Lima Souza
Teachers of Postgraduate Courses Carlos Cesar Ribeiro Santos Fernanda de Souza Barbosa
Student of Undergraduate Courses Adriele Nunes Rocha dos Santos Wesley Santos Bispo de Oliveira
Student of Postgraduate Courses Victor Borges Lima Luara Batalha
Organized Civil Society

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