August 4, 2021

SENAI CIMATEC returns to the ranking of the biggest computers in the world

Thanks to  Ogbon, SENAI CIMATEC returned to the ranking of the 500 largest computers in the world. “It is an important advance for Brazilian science and technology”, assesses Adhvan Furtado, manager of the computing area at SENAI CIMATEC.

SENAI CIMATEC’s Supercomputing Center had already been in the top 500 list six times, with Yemoja. Ogbon is now ranked 347 globally, which takes into account processing power, number of FLOPs and floating point operations per second.

In addition to Ogbon, two other Brazilian computers appear on the list. In the national ranking, the first place went to Santos Dumont, from the National Laboratory of Scientific Computing, which is in the 193rd place in the general ranking. Petrobras’ Fênix supercomputer was ranked second in the national ranking and ranked 195th overall. Ogbon, therefore, is currently the third largest computer in Brazil.

“Being in the Top 500 once again is a satisfaction for the entire research, development and operation team. Our goal is also to be a reference in supercomputing as a ‘Hpc as a Solution’, with a focus on modeling, simulating and applying the full power of HPCs in the various challenges of the industry”, declares João Marcelo Souza, Supercomputing Area Manager at SENAI CIMATEC .

Supercomputing 2019 – João Marcelo and Adhvan are in Denver, in the United States, representing CIMATEC at Supercomputing 2019, the world’s largest supercomputing congress, which began on November 17th and runs until November 22nd. was released there.

During the event, they will hold a presentation at the Intel booth about the OneApi Initiative, which is “Intel’s initiative to create an open platform for heterogeneous programming, where the same programmer could easily program and run code on CPU, GPU, FPGA and artificial intelligence accelerators,” as Adhvan explains.